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About MaharajĀ  Shri Amit Jani

Mr. Amit Jani got steeped into this culture and took to spiritualism and astrology with utmost seriousness, and giving new dimensions to his father’s dream he took his father’s mission far; and wide and even beyond the frontiers of the country. After a few years he stepped out to the wide world outside, holding astrological camps in the various important towns of the country and curing people of their USA. At every camp of his people would flock in large numbers and he would rid them of their problems by means of astrological spiritualism.

By and by people in large numbers have come to repose great faith in this brilliant astrologer. Shri Amit Jani has carved out a unique place in his follower’s heart Good thoughts, good deeds, good words this ‘trio’ has become his guiding principle in file.

Please don’t be surprised if I say that by this day he was traveled as many as 32 countries and has hold numberless followers there. Wherever he went Asian & Indians living abroad, as also the native followers there, gave him a red-carpet reception. His name and fame has got so much enhanced that people including foreigners come to them not only to get a solution to their worldly problems, but also to get enlightenment by means of spiritual discourses.

Shri Amit Jani believes in the dictum “Work is worship ” His message to his devotees always is that they should have good feelings and an amiable disposition towards other. If we don’t have good and pure feeling for others, all our knowledge and work ship, all our rituals and obtains will be just useless and irrelevant Goodies blasted with those who keep others happy and cheerful. Loving all living beings is the real worship and service to God.

About Maharaj Shri Parikshit Jani

Born in the family of the great scholar of Vedas and Astrology Shri Prakashit Jani got the spiritual and astrological atmosphere around him as a family inheritance. He is a world-renowned astrologer with over 30 years of experience in the field of Astrology. His clientele spans over countries from all the continents of the world and belongs to various religions. His clients are always amazed by the accuracy of his predictions and swear by them.

Mr. Deepak Kapoor has the rare quality of reaching out to his clients, and being able to guide them in the most critical of circumstances and situations. His endearing ways of resolving the most intricate situations with ease and helping you with his apt counseling in times of need, makes him the most sought after astrologer of our times.

The father Shri Parikshit Jani, preordained the potentialities of his son Amit and so he nurtured and initiated the child into the culture of astrology and spiritualism right from the beginning. By the time Shri prakashit Jani had acquired great knowledge & proficiency inVastushastra, Dharamasastra, Karamakanda, Ankshastra, Palm Reading, Murata & Vedpuran. He became a master fortuneteller.

His technique of predictive astrology involves, interalia, mixing the analysis of the birth chart, the varsh chart (annual horoscope) and the prashna chart (horary horoscope). As a result of this combined analysis, he is well known for his remarkably accurate forecasts, which helps the people in taking appropriate decisions in times of crisis. He is considered to be an authority on the subject of astrology.